“Rich with action scenes, this story compels readers to empathize with a man whose survival depends on his physical strength, even though the guilt of hurting others battles with the adrenaline rush of overpowering them…DAWN OF THE ASSASSIN paints a portrait of one whose career choice permanently determines his future. There is no going back.”

- K.L. Romo

The Big Thrill October 2019 Feature


“Diversity, the polarity of wealth, strong female leads—Brewer delivers a contemporary, socially relevant thriller with whiplash pacing and an eye for detail. Unputdownable.”

K.J. Howe, International bestseller of THE FREEDOM BROKER and SKYJACK

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Bill Brewer’s stories engage readers through characters forced to find within themselves the strength to persevere. A hero’s journey is always fraught with moral, social and psychological challenges. Surmounting these obstacles are the elements of storytelling that Bill Brewer incorporates into his writing.

Bill Brewer teaches Human Anatomy & Physiology at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Adventure, peace and camaraderie, are found in the outdoors when hiking, biking and paddling in the Adirondacks and around Rochester.

“the action starts and never stops”

“The action starts on page one and never stops. David Diegert blasts on to the thriller
scene like a hollow point from a Beretta. You’re going to love this book.”
— Wayne Zurl, Author of the Sam Jenkins Series

“Adventure, intrigue, daring escapes… and a dose of redemption”

“Action, adventure, intrigue, daring escapes, an unjust court-martial and a dose of
redemption - Dawn of the Assassin has it all.  Don't miss an instant of this heart-
pounding thriller, the debut of the David Diegert series. Pick up your copy by the
eminently talented author Bill Brewer now!”
— -Lt Colonel Rip Rawlings (USMC), Co-Author of RED METAL.

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A tough, but desperate guy must choose to take lives or lose his. The decision he makes will impact the world’s power elite and the one person he loves. He can contemplate all he wants, but his choice will be made in a split second.




Dawn of the Assassin, October 2019

Blood of the Assassin, February 2020

Code of the Assassin, June 2020

Face of the Assassin, December 2020